For millennia the hospitable Puget Sound has invited settlement by hunter-gatherers, thanks to temperate climate, lush forests, and teeming waters.

In our regional earthly paradise you could pick berries off the brambles, harvest oysters and crabs off the beach, forage for delicious mushrooms or wild greens, or pull salmon from the sea. At the Mod Mabana Beach House you still can.

Here, great blue herons wade in shallow waters, forage in eelgrass meadows and nest in big shoreline trees. Bald eagles gracefully circle overhead.

Beyond the shoreline migratory gray whales and orcas swim. Seals and otters make their home in the nearby coves and inlets.

As it has for years, this shoreline retreat will continue to nourish both body and soul.

Fishing, crabbing and shrimping

Short boat ride to Langley restaurants and shops

Nestled among farms, plenty of organic produce and meat

Close to charming Bow Edison and antiquing in LaConner

Skagit Valley birding and tulips

Local sustainable coffee roaster

Local vintners

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